Rick Ross (real name William Leonard Roberts II) is an American rapper and entrepreneur.

Rick Ross
Vital statistics
Position Real life person
Age 40
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight A lot


Rick Ross's career started at Suave House Records when he recorded the song "Ain't Shhh To Discuss" on Erick Sermon's lone album, "Def Squad Presents Erick Onasis" in the year 2000. At his career's beginning he was called Teflon Da Don, but changed his name to the current one in the mid-2000's. The "Rick Ross" name is based on the infamous former drug kingpin "Freeway" Rick Ross. "Freeway" sued Rick Ross in 2010, though the lawsuit was ultimately dismissed.


Rick Ross has in appeared in some videos, though usually only by being mentioned by Dashie.

Rick Ross Roommate!

Ross's earliest appearance, and the most notable one, is in this DashieXP skit. In the skit's plot, Ross has "a concert in town", but all of the nearby hotels are full and he has paid Dashie so that he can stay at his house. Dashie can barely stand Ross's presence, and with good reason: Ross's way of speech mystifies him, he says random words (the most common ones are "Rozay" and "Baws") even if anybody isn't around him, or phrases from his mixtapes that make no sense in context, he eats chips in front of Dashie without sharing them with him, and refusing to follow him on Instagram. In the end he demands his money back, calling Dashie's house "whack". Dashie says that Ross had already paid him, but Ross takes Dashie's dog BB as "collateral".


Dashie makes a joke about Ross's habit of saying "Baws", in that he is his own "boss". Nobody in the audience laughs, and he awkwardly says that he likes Ross's music.


Due to their similar looks, Dashie called Mark Henry "Ricky Rozay" and "Boss". He fights Henry/Ross while controlling John Cena. Dashie loses because he did not know how to get out of a pin. After the match Henry/Ross was one of Dashie's opponents in a Royal Rumble match.