Princess Peach
Princess Peach (Fortune Street)
Vital statistics
Position Royalty
Age Mid-20's
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 5'8"
Weight 110 lbs
Princess Peach is a leading character in the Super Mario series, a series of video games revolving usually around Mario and Luigi; which Dashie frequently plays for his gaming channel. She is the leader of the fictional Mushroom Kingdom and is sometimes held captive by Bowser for ransom or is kidnapped as a war or takeover tactic. She frequently appears in Dashie's gaming videos for Mario Kart 8 as an antagonist of Dashie's, being seen rarely taking over Dashie when he is playing right before he is about to get 1st place in the final lap of the race. In his gameplays of Super Mario 3D World the player must save these Fairies that Bowser has kidnapped and the player can choose Princess Peach as a playable character, with the ability to collect power-ups and to float gracefully in the air.


Princess Peach is the leader of the Mushroom Kingdom and is frequently kidnapped by Bowser for a variety of reasons, including being held ransom or as a war tactic. It has been that way for most of the games in the series, even way back to 1985; much to Dashie's nostalgia. Dashie is fond of the series in general because he used to play it when he was younger and finds the games fun to play. When Princess Peach is kidnapped it is usually up to Mario or Luigi to save her, but it can be difficult as when they reach the centre of Bowser's operations it is always guarded by lava, but they always save her in the end with the help of various power-ups.