"Is... is that who I think it is?! ...Guys?" - Dashie

"Little pig, little pig... no more escape!" - Piggy-Piggy Dude


Piggy Piggy Dude (Chris Walker)
Vital statistics
Position Ex-Military/Antagonist
Age 37
Status Deceased
Physical attributes
Height 207 cm
Weight Loads

Piggy-Piggy Dude is one of most unforgettable enemies from Dashie's gaming channel. He is one of the main villains from 'Outlast' a game Dashie played as a series for his gaming channel in early spring 2014. According to the documents you can collect in the game, Piggy-Piggy's real name is Chris L. Walker. He is 6'8" (207 cm) and has blue eyes. He also probably weighs a lot.


Chris Walker a.k.a Piggy-Piggy Dude was born and raised in New Zealand in the late 70's and is around 37. He says frequently during the game "We have to contain it." This is because he believes he has to kill everyone in the asylum before he escapes himself, to make sure that The Ghost cannot escape, as Chris was ex-military and was driven insane from the wars in Afghanistan; believing he was doing a service to everyone. He kept Tuatara Lizards as a child, and after being relieved from the services, ripped the flesh off his forehead because he believed it gave him truer vision, just like his Lizards did from their lack of forehead skin. However, he has expressed anxiety about his self-inflicted facial and nose trauma (due to his P.T.S.D, Walker did unrepairable damage to his nose and face from the extreme anxiety and mental instability he got from the war). Chris grew in weight dramatically from the eating habits from trauma and depression, and became so aggressive and huge he had to be put on chains. He can rip off heads, storing them in the Library in the Administration Block in the game. He was shot in the face up to nine times before being hit by a car during his arrest that led to his admittance into the asylum Outlast is set in. This scarred his head beyond repair, and happened because he was a security guard after the US Marines service, at a different asylum run by the same company, and he was ripping off people's heads secretly before destroying the security cameras that recorded the event. He realises that Miles Upshur, the protagonist and playable character of Outlast, is an outsider reporter and calls him a 'little pig', a sacrificial animal, and a toy that Chris kept as a child. This indicates that as the game goes on, he becomes more sympathetic, albeit frustrated of Miles as the game goes on, (at the beginning of the game, he calls Miles a 'whore'). He may say to Miles that he: "just wants to help" him. He believes Miles is becoming traumatised to become The Ghost's host, and is the witness to the asylum. He knows that the priest of the asylum, Father Martin's, is using Miles as an apostle. He thinks Miles is suicidal, telling him: "I'm coming. You won't have to kill yourself. I'll make the pain stop." He talks in military terms, and regularly says: "we have to contain it". Bodies across the building reveal he can overpower teams of guards and soldiers, no matter how armed they are. The treatment made him become more deluded. His colleague guards at the other asylum used to tease Walker for his face he was mutilating to deal with his PTSD, even before it got shot, and regularly called him "Strongfat", which all drove Walker to murder the guards, named in the Outlast universe as 'The Hatbox Murders'. The company's story is too complex for this page, but they placed the charges on a random patient in said asylum and covered it up from the media to protect its image.

History in the Dashie Universe

Chris' first appearance was in 'OUTLAST [PS4] [GAMEPLAY]'. When the player in Outlast first meets Chris, he is called "Little pig" and is thrown through a window. This is because Chris realised the player was innocent but needed to sacrificed anyway for the safety of the local town, like many cults and ancient civilizations did. Dashie responded with "What the fuck is that? How do I..? How...? That motherfucker said 'little pig'! Oh, sh*t." At the end of that gameplay, Dashie got the player killed by Chris by failing to hide in the locker. When he started the next gameplay: 'OUTLAST [PS4] [GAMEPLAY] #02' he hid in the locker away from Piggy-Piggy like it said. When Dashie went down to the basement in the game, he hid in the lockers there after turning on one power switch. He said "Don't hide. There ain't nothing to hide from. Unless the motherfucker come through over here. The Piggy-Piggy Dude." That was the first time Dashie named Chris, because he didn't know his real name from not reading the documents or notes. Chris was named 'Piggy-Piggy' or 'Piggy-Piggy Dude' after that. He also appears in the DLC briefly. He is replaced by Barney in a special animation about Outlast.


OUTLAST [PS4] [GAMEPLAY] - Piggy-Piggy calls Dashie "little pig" and throws the player out of window. He appears briefly at the end of the gameplay as well.

OUTLAST [PS4 [GAMEPLAY] #02] - Piggy-Piggy made a brief appearance at the start of the gameplay.

OUTLAST #03 SCARY SATURDAY! [666th VIDEO] - Piggy-Piggy is barely seen for a split second in this gameplay, and it is unsure wether Dashie noticed or not.

TERRIFYING [OUTLAST GAMEPLAY #04] - Piggy-Piggy played a major role in this gameplay, harassing Dashie and making him scared loads.

STOP CHASING ME! [OUTLAST #05] - Piggy-Piggy is seen for a couple of minutes in a large sewer area.

RUN FO YO LIFE! [OUTLAST #06] - Piggy-Piggy is seen near the end but Dashie was too tired to keep playing and deal with the valves required to turn to progress.

BIGGEST JUMP SCARE! [OUTLAST #07] - Piggy-Piggy tries to kill the player and is around for most of the video.

OH HELL NO! [OUTLAST #08] - Piggy-Piggy comes out of nowhere twice in the gardens with no warning, much to Dashie's surprise.

LEAVE ME ALONE! [OUTLAST #10] - Piggy-Piggy harasses Dashie the whole gameplay.

QUIT PLAYIN'! [OUTLAST #11] - Piggy-Piggy Dude is seen near the ending of this video.

STRONG ASS GHOST! [OUTLAST #12] - Piggy-Piggy Dude tries to trap the player early in the video. He is burtally killed by The Ghost at around the 10 minute mark.

Outlast: Whistleblower DLC

Piggy-Piggy Dude makes a couple of appearances in the DLC very shortly, (in: 'CREEPIEST S#!T EVER! [OUTLAST [WHISTLEBLOWER] #03]') as it starts off as a prequel before continuing into happening at the same time the events in the main game took place and explained the ending more clearly. It caused a bit of dispute in his channel as he ended the second gameplay of the Whistleblower right by where Piggy-Piggy was set to appear, as people got annoyed when a few people ruined the surprise for him in the comments section.

Behaviour and Personality

Chris is extremely violent, and is capable of serious injury or death through assault or other almost impossible acts of violence that can inflict death (throwing the player or even ripping the head off of it's shoulders.) His belief of containing The Ghost is so strong he will kill anyone in his sight who he believes is capable to be a host from witnessing horror or experiencing it before the slaughter. However he retains some humanity as he rips the head clean off the victims shoulders for a quick death, so in a horrid way they can escape from the horrors of the asylum for real. He believes he is doing a service to everyone in the asylum and the people nearby.

Despite his frustrations when he cannot catch a victim, he seems aware his anger may hinder the capture of the person he is after, and can calm down quickly and will remain calm and stealthy when searching from a victim he lost sight of or knows is there. (This is evident when he tells the person he's chasing to hush, in a soothing but creepy tone if he loses sight of them mid-chase). He is very intelligent despite his delusions of grandeur and is able to use his military background to hunt for victims in the dark and work his way throughout the asylum. He is able to interrogate guards and patients for information on the events of the night and where Miles Upshur is heading next. He is against 'The Gospel of Sand' cult run by Father Martin (a "scary Mr. Clean" according to Dashie) that Miles winds up into, creating his utter hatred for Father Martin and dedication to killing Miles as Father Martin tries to make Miles watch horror so he can be the Walrider's new host. Father Martin and Chris Walker both see Miles as a probable candidate to be a host. Chris doesn't want the Walrider released because it is dangerous while Father Martin wants to release it, and tracks and tries to kill Miles across the asylum all night. He is killed by The Ghost in the game near the end.

Miles does eventually become the host at the end of the game, and the Walrider helped revive him while on the brink of death, after his former host had been killed. Miles killed the SWAT team and the old doctor who betrayed and tricked him into killing the former host, and limped out of the asylum, barely being kept alive and controlling the Walrider. On his way out he notices a patient with a camera (which turns out to be the Whistleblower DLC protagonist) get stabbed by what seems to be throughout the game as the leader of the company. Feeling sorry for him, Miles kills the C.E.O and attempts to leave the asylum with the sane patient with the evidence on the camera, but said patient limps off without him, and takes Miles's car, outrunning the Walrider after Miles attempted to retrieve his car. Perhaps Miles was driven insane by the events of that night and used his powers for evil, or surrendered to his injuries and died. This would mean Chris failed his mission that was to contain the Walrider.

Chris can calm down easily, as shown by dialogue when he loses sight of the player. He has trouble breathing in chases because of his nose damage and lack of stamina.


  • Chris was a Major in the military.
  • Chris's first character model draft was used in the trailer for Outlast, where he is skinnier. In the demo, his model is still being tweaked, his face is a little different, his voice is more calm and frequently heard, and his breathing was a little deeper. He was also pure muscle and had little fat on him. In the final version, he was made bigger because it was deemed scarier.
  • There is a compilation of his appearances in the Dashiegames Channel.