Peter Chao the Delivery Boy is one of Dashie's rivals. Only shown in his main channel DashieXP, Peter is known for always conveniently delivering Dashie food whenever he orders food services in hotels. His first appearance starts in DashieXP's short series CHINESE BEEF!.

Peter Chao is a youtube personality with his own channel, PyroBooby.


Peter Chao (Left) calling Dashie (Right) a "fat boy" after Dashie couldn't understand why he came to visit his hotel room.

Beginning of Peter Chao


When Dashie started to complain about the hotel not providing food services and cable, he started to become frustrated. He heard a noise from his door and proceeded to get out of the bed to open it. He stumbles upon Peter Chao that informed Dashie that he has given him a "Chinese home delivery service". Dashie, unable to understand his crude accent, started to become confused over what Peter Chao wanted. Peter angrily took that as an offense and called him a "fat boy" which annoyed Dashie. Dashie decided to buy the egg rolls from Peter Chao after he started his verbal barrage. Dashie, annoyingly, pays him twenty dollars for the overpriced eggrolls and proceeded to close the door. Peter guarded the door and demanded for a tip (pause) as a fee for "home delivery". When Dashie finished his angry antics, he succumbed to defeat after a single blow to the stomach.


Dashie, yet again, ordered from Sbarros, a pizza parlor, at a hotel he was vacating in. A delivery boy arrived at his hotel room door asking for $15.42 for the price for the pizza. Dashie told the man to "hol' up for a minute" since he wasn't aware of the price. After fumbling through his wallet, he found and unwrinkled a 20 dollar bill. When he came back to the door, Peter Chao was revealed holding the Sbarros pizza next to the pizza delivery boy knocked out cold.