The Never Be Alone Girl is an unseen minor antagonist. She appeared in Dashie's Geometry Dash series in the song Never Be Alone by TheFatRat. She is the main antagonist in the episode [HILARIOUS] THIS RAGE GONNA KILL ME! [GEOMETRY DASH 2.0]. She returns in THIS SH#T ON ANOTHER LEVEL! [GEOMETRY DASH 2.0].


Here is what happened on how she became an enemy:

NBAG: You, You gonna break my heart...

Dashie: Yes?

NBAG: You gonna tear it apart!

Dashie: I don't give a fuck! *Dies*

From then, whenever the song played, he would always get annoyed and say, "Oh no, not this bitch again..."


  • The Never Be Alone Girl is one of the few Dashie villains that are unseen.