"You the homie!" - Dashie


When Dashie says "Homies" he usually refers to a character from a game he plays, his real-life friends or his own fans. The game characters that are homies are ones he likes and not usually any antagonists in the game (such as Barney, Piggy-Piggy Dude or Donkey-Bitch Ass). A homie is ghetto slang for a close friend or someone who is cool. Dashie usually associates someone's homie with having chill, such as if someone let's you borrow five dollars or even 20 dollars and letting it slide. Dashie may also refer to a homie as a "boy" or stating that the two are "tight".

List of Homies


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  • A Homie can be temporarily an enemy if they turn on Dashie by acting unfairly in a game or something similar.