"This gonna melt yo speakers it will be so hot!" - Dashie


Dashie's Mixtapes are a running gag in the Dashie community, for Dashie himself or people in the comments may tell a joke about Dashie's new or next mixtape (because he tends to rap if there is a certain beat he likes). Usually it will revolve on being so fire it will melt your laptop, or if Dashie is seeing a lot of fire or general heat depicted in a videogame, he will usually reference his mixtape(s). The mixtapes seem to always be joked about being released in an "X" amount of years, usually a very long time away, from around 6 years from now to 1,249 years away. For many of Dashie's rhymes that he spits, he gives credit to Luigi if he raps while playing a Luigi's Mansion game.

External Links and References

Some of Dashie's raps and spoofs or parodies of his fictional mixtape(s) can be found here.