"No, you f*ck!" - Dashie's common reaction to an enemy pissing him off in-game.


In the games Dashie has played, he has encountered many enemies. These people, creatures, objects etc. try to hinder Dashie's progress in the games he plays. Some enemies even originated from Dashie's skit channel.

The list so far

  • Beibersguardian: A GTA 5 online player who appeared in the episode "SH#T GOT SO REAL!!" Beibersguardian was a troll who attempted to kill his teammates in the mission "Meth'd up" (Dashie included.) Unlike the other players, Dashie refused to go down without a fight, leading to an epic battle\car chase that ranged all over Los Santos. Beibersguardian has not been seen since, though he proved to be a surprisingly clever, dangerous, and persistent antagonist throughout the episode.
  • Reading: Something Dashie is very bad at and hates doing.
  • Bennett Foddy: An unseen antagonist of the Getting Over It series. He endlessly mocks Dashie with words of wisdom that come out as insults while also playing some sad music when Dashie fails.
  • Bowser: also known as "Bowser Bitch Ass" (occasionally) Hinders Dashie in nearly every Mario gameplay.
  • Bouncing Donuts: An obstacle in Super Mario Maker where donut shaped circles are used to make you bounce. Even though Dashie admits they are cute, he despises them.
  • Bus Drivers: As the name implies, Bus Drivers are NPC's who drive buses in Grand Theft Auto V. Dashie has hated bus drivers when he was killed by one and has developed an everlasting hatred. During his gameplays, Dashie always attempts to kill bus drivers upon saying "Well, well, well" and following with either, "What have we here?" or "It's a f#cking bus driver!"
  • Isabelle: Also known as "Puppy Bitch."
  • Gorilla Grodd: An antagonist appearing in Injustice 2. He is the leader of the Society, a group of supervillains. Because of him being a gorilla, just like Donkey Kong, Dashie does not like him.
  • Wolverine Bitch Ass: aka Ludwig von Koopa.
  • Tina - An unseen antagonist that only Dashie seems to know. It could be an enemy from the past. It was revealed in Dashie's "Finding Bigfoot" gameplay that Tina is actually Bigfoot. In Dashie's 87th Super Mario Maker gameplay, he might've let slip that Tina is one of his ex-girlfriends. At 2:53 in the video when he dies, he goes "look at how many... it's raining X's. Here we go. Exes? Tin- STOP!"
  • Barney - Barney is Dashie's archenemy in his skits. Dashie has encountered Barney lots of times and is one of the few enemies that Dashie is afraid of. Barney hates snitches and especially hates Dashie for snitching on him. Dashie and Barney also somehow seem to know each other (Though no history has been shown exactly) but Dashie has to live with Barney tormenting his life. Because of Barney, Dashie hates the colour purple.
  • Ugandan Knuckles Tribe - When Dashie first played the game known as VRChat due to popular demand by the fans, Dashie accidentally spawned in the virtual world of Uganda. Since Dashie was a beginner, he did not know the way which resulted in him being the outcast of Uganda. All of the Uganda Knuckles Tribe spat on him. In part two, whenever Dashie hears someone say, "Do you know the way?" He tries to change the subject or ignore them, due to his humiliation with the Ugandan Empire.
  • Jif - A peanut butter that Dashie despises. Everytime he hears the word, or something similar, he would yell, "JIF!!!"
  • Never Be Alone Girl - An unseen minor antagonist in a song called Never Be Alone by TheFatRat. She told Dashie that he'd break her heart and he told her that he doesn't give a fuck. Afterwards, he became annoyed whenever this song played.
  • Clone Dashie - A clone of Dashie that often interrupts and insults the original Dashie during gameplays. Most notably Super Mario Maker.
  • Triple Shits - An obstacle in the game Geometry Dash and Dashie's tertiary archenemy. They are considered very difficult to jump over because of the length and Dashie always dies by them, resulting in rage. They are a very popular enemy of Dashie that isn't a living character.
  • Villager: A new problem in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Constantly tries to hinder Dashie lately.
  • Lori: Theorized to be an ex-girlfriend of Dashie's.
  • Nin★Claris (later Nin★Tнηďεя): A Mario Kart 8 Player from Japan who's the main antagonist in THIS B#TCH IS CHEATING!! [MARIO KART 8 [ONLINE] ] she used a technique called "Fire-hopping" on 4 races online (which made Dashie pissed and mad) this allowed her to drive a lot faster and get more speed out of boosting, leading Dashie to think she was cheating.
  • Donkey Kong - Donkey Kong, aka Donkey Bitch Ass, is Dashie's archenemy in his Mario Kart 8 and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe gameplays. Dashie's most hated nemesis of all time. Donkey has tormented him endlessly in a vast majority of his gameplays, serving as an eternal rival and main antagonist to Dashie throughout his gameplays of Mario Kart 8. Dashie has raced him, traded vicious glares and insults with him, and even boxed against him in the Olympics repeatedly. It is unknown if their rivalry will ever end. The reason why Donkey Kong is Dashie's enemy is probably because the MK8 Rival System lists DK as an opponent to Yoshi.
  • Larry Koopa
  • Mario: Like his brother, he antagonizes Dashie in Mario Kart, but only rarely.
  • Wendy O Koopa.
  • Piggy-Piggy Dude: Piggy-Piggy Dude, aka Chris Walker, is an unforgettable enemy from Outlast.
  • Emily: The titular antagonist of Emily Wants to Play.
  • Chester, Mr. Tatters and Kiki: The other enemies in Emily Wants to Play.
  • The Arkham Knight: The titular antagonist of Batman: Arkham Knight. He is revealed to be Jason Todd, the second Robin. Jason seeks revenge on Batman for abandoning him. Personally got on Dashie's nerves by taunting him.
  • The Brute: Encountered in Monstrum, this monster chases Dashie when it sees him. The Brute has killed Dashie a few times. The Brute looks like its made of charred flesh and there is what appears to be lava inside it.
  • Mark "Boss" Henry: A character and a real-life person, Mark Henry is in WWE 2K15. He beats Dashie in a one-on-one match because Dashie did not know how to get out of a pin. Dashie calls him "Boss". He actually first appeared in 'Mortal Kombat: Bootleg!' in the end, going by the name "Rico". Dashie remembers this, as he says in WWE 2K15.
  • Satan: An antagonist in different games, most notably in Super Mario Maker. Dashie also claims that Satan invented the Geometry Dash level, Fingerdash. In episode 100 of Super Mario Maker, Satan declared, "I'mma kill you tonight, b*tch!" to which Dashie replied, "WE GONNA FIGHT TO THE F***ING DEATH, SATAN!!" And since Dashie is still alive, it is likely that he somehow won the fight. He is also the main antagonist of Cuphead, one of Dashie's favorite games.
  • Shawna: Dashie has the same reaction whenever he says "Tina" or "Lori". But he is also doing the reaction whenever he says Shawna in the 77th episode of Super Mario Maker.
  • The Power-Drill Killer: The main antagonist in Power-Drill Massacre. He has a power-drill which he uses to kill Dashie. His appearance include scary black eyes and red hair.
  • Los Santos Police Department
  • Octarians (Only in Splatoon.
  • Left-Hand Team of Inklings (Only in Splatoon.)
  • Toad: Toad has become an enemy to Dashie. Although he calls Toad: "This little bitch", he still dances to his encounter music.
  • Toadette (Only in Mario Kart 8).
  • Princess Peach: Although she's mostly on Dashie's neutral level, she was a villain at the end of Dashie's Super Mario Odyssey main gameplay. After all the hard work Dashie had to go through in order to rescue her from being forced to marry Bowser, she decides to abandon Dashie and Mario on the moon with Bowser. Dashie began questioning on what would've happened if he had not made the jump towards her. Afterwards, Dashie became very sour towards Peach.
  • Baby Peach: Aka Peach Bitch Peach Bitch Peach
  • Zombies: Encountered in a lot of games, most recently in Dying Light.
  • Carmine Falcone: The main antagonist of the first episode of Batman: The Telltale Series, Realm of the Shadows.
  • Robot: A robot owned by Joey. It frequently threatens to kill Dashie, and insults him. He only appeared in the 'KILLER ROBOT!' skit. Near the end, he appears to be taller than Dashie.
  • Attack-a-Taco drivers: Dashie cannot continue his GTA 5 gameplays without killing the driver of the Taco trucks
  • Link A.K.A. Link Pretty Ass the main protagonist of the Legend of Zelda series. He is one of Dashie's Homies and was a temporary enemy when he betrayed him in LINK F#%KING BETRAYED ME!!! [MARIO KART 8] and whooped Dashie's Ass Good 3 times, causing him to declare, "Imma never trust dat bitch again!"
  • Peter Chao the Delivery Boy: One of Dashie's rivals in the DashieXP series, DELIVERY BOY
  • Upside-Down Shits: In Geometry Dash, the character can be upside-down, which enrages Dashie, as it complicates Geometry Dash even further.
  • Old Woman: A stock image of an old lady (from the back) that shows up in some of his Super Mario Maker Edits and constantly insults him.
  • Train Driver: Along with "Attack-a-Taco drivers" and "Bus Drivers" Dashie also hates Train drivers in GTA V. His attempts to kill them usually end with him missing and being hit by the train or him hitting his shot and killing the train driver.
  • Baby Mario : In Dashie's Mario Kart 8 gameplays, Baby Mario is referred to as "Baby Bitch" or "Baby Bitch Baby Bitch Baby bitch mario" after Baby Mario passes him or "fucks him up" as Dashie would say.
  • Cheetah : A minor antagonist in Injustice 2. Whooped Dashie's ass twice; it's clear that dis b#tch is a problem!
  • Lil G: Main antagonist of the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe episode, "ME VS EVERYBODY! THESE PLAYERS AIN'T PLAYING!!" Along with the "twins," caused Dashie a lot of trouble getting that W. Dashie describes him as a "strong opponent."
  • Legalize R*pe: An antagonist in two of Dashie's livestreams, both in Friday the 13th, becoming an antagonist in both of the gameplays. He is mad at Dashie for using an open microphone, says rather rude comments, and consistently tries to kill him, either as Jason or just as a fellow survivor.
  • Granny : The main antagonist of her namesake game. Dashie really wants her to make him cookies.
  • Shy Guy : Used to be a Homie until he betrayed Dashie and ruined his 4-win streak in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.
  • Lew : is a master mariomaker player that always seems to take the world record for almost every dashie themed level. dashie seems to have a love/hate relationship with lew.
  • Lisa : (Disguised by Saturn Gaming Guy) A Mii from Mario Sports Mix commercials raiding Dashie's Mario Kart 8 Deluxe stream.
  • Mr. X : A major antagonist in Resident Evil 2. Hunts down Dashie through most of the game.
    Dashie Villains

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