"Whaddup, it's Dashie! And welcome back, he is back, to Super Mario Maker! Oh you know, the game where you make me levels, twe-"

"Tweet 'em to him, he plays 'em, and he rages the f**k out! 'Cause I'm not playing the s**t, I'm not stupid! And fat, you b***h!" - Clone Dashie interrupting Dashie's intro, I MIGHT F#%KING QUIT AFTER THIS ONE!! [SUPER MARIO MAKER] [#77].

Clone Dashie
Clone Dashie, on the left
Vital statistics
Position Antagonist
Age ~1 Year
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 5'5"
Weight Unknown, same as Dashie

Clone Dashie is a clone of Dashie that often appears in his videos and gameplays. He makes his appearance in the Super Mario Maker series since he was born from a 'Dreep'. He is the result of Dashie eating pills that creates a clone of him. It is unknown if Dashie intended for Clone Dashie to have the personality that he does, or if this was a mistake.

Clone Dashie often antagonizes real Dashie, upsetting him in many different situations, particularly going into rants about Dashie's weight, calling him a "big muhfucka" and "terrible at games." In two Mario Maker gameplays so far, Clone Dashie replaced real Dashie for the gameplay's duration. When he plays, there is little to no difference between his and regular Dashie's gameplays.

As seen in one of the Super Mario Maker episodes, Satan loves Clone Dashie. He even tells the original Dashie "Clone Dashie is funnier bitch!". In episode 87, Satan conspires with Clone Dashie to kill the real Dashie. In episode 90, Clone Dashie reveals that he can communicate with Dashie telepathically.

Clone Dashie seems to have lightened up at least slightly towards real Dashie in recent Mario Maker episodes. In episode 100, right after the 19:00 mark, he offers understanding and even sympathy towards real Dashie after the latter became extremely upset by one particular part of a level. He even goes so far as to ask if real Dashie wants to "hang out more," as the two are emotionally disconnected, and ultimately volunteers to "NEXT!!!' the video for real Dashie so that he could compose himself.

Clone Dashie is considered to be the exact opposite of the real Dashie. It is unknown why exactly Clone Dashie hates the real Dashie, but theories include resentment towards having to cope with Dashie's weight issues and overall appearance.


  • Clone Dashie was born in this episode: THESE LEVELS ARE BULLSH#T!! [SUPER MARIO MAKER] [#58] during which Dashie swallows a mysterious pill during a THREEP.
    • Clone Dashie also briefly disappeared in Episode 60 when Dashie took the pills that gets rid of clones. However, in episode 62, because Dashie took the wrong pills, Clone Dashie was reborn. He has been present in some form or another ever since.
  • It is unknown if Clone Dashie possesses some sort of slight omnipotence, as he seems to 'pop' in and out of existence at inopportune times (especially when Dashie makes a simple mistake in Mario Maker), usually to either tease real Dashie or, very rarely, offer support for very difficult levels.
  • Clone Dashie repeatedly mocks Dashie for his weight issues. However, considering that Clone Dashie is his own, separate, sentient being, this would strongly imply that Clone Dashie is capable of losing weight by himself. The comments directed towards real Dashie may be a form of resentment by Clone Dashie for not being 'born' as a more physically attractive person (even given that attractiveness is intrinsically subjective).
  • Though he dislikes Dashie, and questions why people watch his videos, he said that the Japan Vlogs are "hilarious".
  • In episode 87, he reveals that he has his own channel and said that he would put a link in the description, but no such link existed. It is likely that Dashie deleted the link to get back at his evil clone.
  • It is possible that Dashie uses Clone Dashie as a means of self-criticism, pointing out his own faults, though this has not been confirmed.