Carmine Falcone is a villain from the Batman series.

Carmine Falcone
Vital statistics
Position Antagonist
Age 60's-70's
Status Deceased
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown


Carmine "The Roman" Falcone is a mob boss that operates in Gotham City. He is the head of the Falcone Crime Family, a powerful criminal organization. Falcone, unlike most of Batman's adversaries, is not a super criminal like the Joker or Two-Face, but he is still a major player in Gotham City's criminal world. At one point, his organization was called "The Roman Empire". The Falcones are in a constant war against their rival mafia family, the Maroni Crime Family, headed by Salvatore "The Boss" Maroni.


Carmine Falcone does not have any superpowers or anything of the like. However, Falcone has wast amounts of wealth, and he has a lot of experience about running a criminal organization.


Falcone has most recently appeared in Telltale's Batman: The Telltale Series as an antagonist. He first appears in Bruce Wayne's party uninvited. Dashie makes Bruce shake Falcone's hand, and the two have a conversation regarding the upcoming election to choose the next Mayor. Bruce heavily supports Harvey Dent for the next Mayor, but since Falcone and the current Mayor, Mayor Hill have history with each other. Falcone vaguely threatens Bruce, and then he leaves.

Later during Bruce's speech regarding the opening of Arkham Asylum, a member of the press says that Bruce's parents have had illegal dealings with Falcone, and all the media organizations have received the same evidence. Bruce does not believe the evidence, but his reputation has suffered. Not only because of the accusations, but because of a video showing Bruce and Falcone shaking hands in the party. Harvey has to "distance" himself from Bruce.

During the night, Batman goes to a warehouse in the docks where he finds the remains of a battle between the police and some criminals. Batman finds a white rose, which happens to be Falcone's calling card. He also finds a criminal who is still alive. After interrogating him, the thug says that Falcone hired them to secure some chemicals, but Catwoman, who was supposed to meet them didn't show up with a hard-drive that had the chemical container's number. With no hard-drive, the criminals were forced to look for it themselves, until police officers arrived.

After the firefight, the criminals found the chemicals and left. Dashie decided to break the thugs arm, who will "never hold a gun steady again".

Batman then goes after Falcone, who is in the penthouse of a hotel. Batman fights through Falcone's thugs and reaches Falcone. Batman proceeds to interrogate him, who says that "somebody is tryin' to cut [him] out of the deal, because [he] did not make that mess at the docks". He says that the Wayne's are behind everything, and that they are the real criminals in Gotham. Batman flies away, and the police take Falcone to custody.

In the second episode, Bruce Wayne visits Falcone in the Gotham police Department Headquarters, believing that Bruce's parents died because of a hit put on them by Falcone. Arranging the meeting was not easy, as Harvey Dent had to "pull all the strings" with Lieutenant James Gordon. Falcone is surprised to see Bruce, since not even Falcone's wife was allowed to see him. Falcone proceeds to brag about how he is not going to jail, and says that Bruce reminds him of Thomas Wayne, Bruce's father. He begins to talk about how he and Wayne were friends, until Bruce accuses him of hiring Joe Chill to kill his parents.

Falcone denies the claim, stating that he, Thomas and Mayor Hill were running the city. Falcone stops talking, saying that he is in pain, and asks Bruce to inject morphine into him. Bruce instead starts to choke Falcone (something that Dashie finds great pleasure in). Bruce angrily says that he is not there to take care of him, and says that he deserves to suffer for what he has done. Falcone says that Bruce will never know the truth. Falcone says that Bruce resembles his father a lot, and that all that Thomas did was for Bruce.

He says that Thomas was the most ruthless out of the three, mentioning that he had "a switch". He also says that he made them all rich, including Bruce. Falcone then confesses that he had ordered Joe Chill to kill other people, but he did not order the hit on the Waynes. After asking who was the one who ordered the hit, Falcone begins talking about no-one in Gotham should be trusted, not even those one calls friends. In the middle of a sentence, Falcone gets abruptly shot by a drugged Sergeant Renee Montoya.